Nui Nui Temple Drift

The Nui Nui temple is one of many temples on Christmas Island.  It is located on the East side of the island, north of the Resort.  Like most Christmas Island dives it's a drift dive.  Led by Mark, we drifted slowly south with a gentle current.  While the seas were still big we enjoyed crystal clear water and heaps of fish and coral life.  We had 2 turtles, one that swam around us for several minutes before slowly swimming away.  Close to shore is wonderful corals and fish.  Not far out though the bottom just drops away, appearing bottom less.  It is absolutely spectacular to hang over what seems to be  bottomless. I dived to 38m on this dive, down a wall, but at that depth you don't get too much time before deco limits are hit.  I still enjoyed a 65 minute dive.  Towards the end of the dive we saw 3 great hammerhead sharks.  They would have been over 3m long and looked very wide across the girth.  They ignored us, continuing on their northern journey.  I saw them too late to get the wide angle lens off my camera so the pic below is the best I have.  I must admit to being quite apprehensive and looking at Mark beside me for guidance.

Hughs Dale
The Grotto
Resort Lagoon
Nui Nui Temple Drift
Resort drift


rough seas - but clear as

divers and fish

lots and lots of fish

friendly turtle

turtle from below

plate corals surrounded by fish

great hammerheads

blue fans

cocos angelfish

moray eel


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