Resort Lagoon
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Resort Lagoon
Nui Nui Temple Drift
Resort drift


This was our first dive on Christmas Island.  The seas were too big to put the boat in at either of the ramps.  On Christmas there is a boat ramp on either side of the island.  It is very rare for the sea on both sides of the island to be too rough to put a boat in.  After several days of driving off, seeing the seas too rough we were itching for a dive.  Mark suggested we go in through the lagoon at the Resort.  The Resort has been closed down for some years and is now in deteriorating condition.  We were able to walk from the resort gate down to the lagoon.  It was a long walk, at least 300m in full scuba gear.  There was a bit of a break running into the lagoon but we felt confident to get through it.  Mark and Aaron led out and we followed.  Once past the break we descended only to find that Mark's tank O-ring had blown and he had to surface.  3 of us stayed at the bottom, keeping an eye on them.  Aaron and Mark returned to shore.  Mark then decided that he would free dive and keep an eye on us that way.  So Daniella, Steven and I swam around a relatively small area covered in corals and life.  Not more than 20m beyond the bottom dropped away sharply.  I had been watching a titian triggerfish madly circling a area of coral and sand. As I approached it charged me twice.  It hit my camera the first time, my finger the second.  It hurt like hell.  Shortly after it started to bleed.  Showing Mark my bleeding finger we aborted the dive, not wishing to attract the wrong type of attention.  At least I got a few nice pics.  I later was that it was nesting!!

the lagoon

the bottom drops off sharply

plate corals

more plate corals

Mark free diving

Titan triggerfish nest


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