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Resort drift


This was to be my last dive for the drip.  The combination of bad weather caused by 4 cyclones within a few hundred kms of the island and hand which was quite swollen by this stage meant no more dives for me.  The others did enjoy another day of diving.  After lunch of rice and meat on the boat we headed out for our second dive for the day. The resort drift starts almost at the end of the Nui Nui drift.  Led by Karen, we dropped down over a wall to 33m where there were heaps of moray eels.  Karen told us that she has counted over a dozen in a small part of this wall.  Drifting along the wall for as long as we could there were plate corals and fans galore.  Again forced up to shallower depths by deco limits we drifted around a series of bommies, just full of corals of all sorts and fish life galore.  My 226th dive, I managed 64 minutes.

diver silhouetes from 33m

Karen on the wall


1 of many eels

plate corals on the wall

safety stop


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