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Here are some of my favourite diving web sites

  • Plunge Diving
    • located at Chowder Bay Peter & Zoe are the best dive trainers in Sydney and a great shop on the North side of Sydney.
  • Deep6Diving
    • Sydney based, I've done all my early training with Deep6, and a lot of my early diving.
  •  Wayne's Diving
    • Wayne is my regular buddie.  We dive off his boat "Yes Dear" most Saturdays.
  •  Abyss Scuba Diving
    • Another good dive shop in Sydney.
  • Michael McFadyen
    • an incredible source of information from Michael about diving in Sydney.
  • St George Scuba Club
    • I am a member of the club.  The club is very active with organised dives around Sydney several times each week and away trips on numerous occasions all year.  Always a dive buddy within the club.
  • Coastal Waters Forecast
    •  a critical place to find out what the weather and the water is like before you go out diving
  • Tides Information
    • best to dive on the incoming tide so the Bureau of Meteorology have tide information here.



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