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Hi, My name is Rudy Van Der Korput.  I've been diving since December 2003.  I could be describes as fanatical.  Most Saturdays my buddy Wayne and I jump in his boat and go and explore the underwater world.

I had the opportunity to do a 'try' dive when on a snorkelling trip on the Great Barrier Reef.  Even though we only dived to 6m, I had been bitten by the diving bug and in January 2004 did my Open Water Course. 

 Further dive training that I've done include:

  • March 2004           Advanced Open Water

  • April 2004             Rescue

  • February 2005       Divemaster

  • June 2005             Master Scuba Diver

Specialties that I've done are:

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Wreck

  • Equipment

  • Underwater Navigator

  • Enriched Air Nitrox

  • Dry Suit

  • Deep

  • Advanced Nitrox

  • Decompression Procedures

  •  SDI Solo Diver



Here are details of my  dive logs

Dive log 2004 Dive log 2005 Dive log 2006 Dive log 2007 Dive log 2008 Dive log 2009 Dive log 2010 Dive log 2011 Dive log 2012 Dive log 2013 Dive log 2014 Dive log 2015 Dive log 2016


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