...what's come before



December 19 is my last dives for 2015 at Port Kembla.  Flooded Camera

November 28 is The Steps with very poor viz.

November 21 is dive 1000 for me at The Leap and then The Steps.

November 14 we dived Magic Point but no sharks and then Whale Watch with my friend Paul from The Netherlands.

August 28 again at Magic Point

July 4 is sharks at Magic Point.

June 27 we aimed for Shellharbour but only got to Port Kembla.  Still nice dives on the BOMBO and The Pinnacle.

May 9 we dive Pistol Point and an unknown reef near the shipping channel.

April 25 has 2 new sites for me - Pistol Point and 4X Delsalination Intake

April 6 at Port Kembla diving The Pinnacle and the BOMBO.

March 28, first deepie for the year on the Tuggerah and then Barrens Hut.

March 7 only one dive at Bypass reef.

Last day of summer - Feb 28 the club dive at Shellharbour.  WOW, blue water and great viz at The Hump and The Arch.

February 14 the dive the BOMBO wreck and Pig Island South.

January 24 Minmi Trench and Henry Head were the best choices that we had

January 17 much warmer but dirty water at Marley point and The Split.

January 10 is my first dives for the year.  The Hilda wreckage and Henry Head in cold 14 degree water


December 20 - Bypass reef sea horses and Whale Watch Platform.

November 3 Jen and I head for Bushrangers Bay - a very poor dive.

November 29 we visit the GNS at Magic Point and then M&K reef.

November 22 fantastic Minmi Trench and ordinary Bare Island deep wall

November 15 is a great dive at Barrens Hut.

November 1 we dive Pig Island at Port Kembla.

October 12 is the club BBQ at Frenchmans Bay.  The Whale Watch Platform was the pick.

September 27 an ordinary dive at The Pinnacle but the BOMBO wreck is spectacular.

September 20 we dive M&K reef and Kurnell deep wall.

September 13, after a long break we dive Magic Point and Point Tupei.

August 9 we visit the sharks at Magic Point and the sea horse at Bypass reef

July 25 we get perfect conditions and nail the Tuggerah and Marley point.

July 12 we get out to Bypass reef and the WWP for 2 lovely dives

June 21 - Wayne and I have ripper dives at Magic Point and then Bypass reef

June 7 was just the one dive  at The Steps - conditions up top were very rough.

May 24 back home and we dive the Tuggerah and Osbourne shoals.

May 18 After our Netherlands holiday we head out of Townsville on Spoilsport to dive the Yongala.

April 5 we head off to M&K Reef and Kurnell Deep Wall.

March 22 we sneak in 3 dives - M&K reef, Pistol Crack and Whale Watch Platform.

March 15 we go deep again, this time on the Undola and dive Osbourne shoals

March 8th and we get the chance to dive the Tuggerah and then Marley Point.

Summer is over (was there one?).  We have a WOW time with the sharks at Magic Point and an ordinary dive at Henry Head.

January 22 brought a gloomy dive at Henry Head and great vis at The Leap.

A very rainy February 15 we dive Bypass reef and find the 3 sea horses and then Minmi Trench where we find 3 spotted eels.

February 9 Jen and I do 2 dives at Bushrangers Bay, the 2nd one was a try dive for Pat.

February 8 we get our with Leo and Fiona.  We dive a dirty Marley Point and a dive we won't forget at Barrens Hut.

Wayne and I dived Minmi Trench and Henry Head on January 18 and on January 19 Jen and I took the scooters out to the Gravel Loader at Shellharbour.

Our first dives for the year were at Port Kembla.  We dived The Pinnacle, then Pig Island Sth.


December 14 we return to Port Kembla, a fantastic dive on the Bombo and just a dive off Big Island.

December 7 we do a trio - The Split, Osbourne shoals and Shiprock on the high tide.

The last day of Spring and the surface conditions are foul.  We dive The Steps and find a nudi 85mm long.

The sharks begged us to visit so November 16 Magic Point was magical.

A gap in my diving and back into it on November 9 when we dive Bypass Reef and then do a scooter run from WWP to Tabbagi.

October 12 I get Jen back in the water at Gordon's Bay - very uninteresting dive.

October 5 I dive on Sea John and have great viz at Pistol Crack and Yellowrock drift.

September 14 we do the club dive at Xanadu and then Osbourne shoals

September 7 is the Tuggerah and then my 900th dive at Marley rockfall.

August 30 we dive Pistol Crack and Pt Tupei with great viz and heaps of fish.

August 17 2013 - Wayne's 900th dive on the Bombo at Port Kembla and it was very good.

Club dive to Wanderers and then Osbourne shoals on August 10.

The sharks at Magic Point called to us on August 3 and then we dive MK reef.

Club Dive to Marley  Point on July 20, but we're the only boat that went there...and it was superb.  And we follow up at Barrens Hut.

July 13 is a 3 dive day - Barrens Hut, Osbourne Shoals and Shiprock all were great.

July 6 and we try to dive the Tug, give up and the try the Undola - read out trials and tribulations here.

First day of winter, we look for Midway reef but end up at The Pinnacle out of Port Kembla.

May 24 Wayne and I have great dive at Henry Head and then fight the current at Bare Island Deep Wall.

May 11 is the club dive and BBQ and we take club members for great dives at Bypass Reef.

May 4 we check out the 'bommie' east of Magic Point that we had seen on the 27th.  It's a reef and so good we did 2 dives here.

We back up on Saturday 27th and do a deepie on the Kelloe and the sharks at Magic Point.  Great viz on both dives.

With Wayne back we are boat diving again and April 26 we do Bypass reef and WWP with excellent viz

April 1 we're back at Bushrangers Bay and take Pat for a try dive.

March 24 we take the kids to Bushrangers Bay and Margo does a try dive.

March 16 is a 3 dive day - Barrens Hut and Osbourne Shoals were very surgy and Shiprock viz is ordinary.

March 9 we all take off for Port Kembla and dive The Pinacle and Pig Island.

February 16 Wayne Heinz and I visit the sharks at Magic Point - my best dive at Magic Point, then dive M&K reef.

February 9 we take a colleague of Wayne's to the Whale Watch Platform and Bare Island Deep Wall.

Saturday January 26 Wayne, Heinz and I dive Bypass reef and find 3 sea horses and the Whale Watch Platform.  Great viz at both.

Friday 25 January Jenny and I dive Shiprock - best I've ever seen it and Bare Island West where we find the outboard motor near the anchor.

Jenny and I have had a lovely holiday in Bright in Victoria, from January 15 to 23.

January 12 we take Jenny to Barrens Hut.

First dives for 2013 on the Tuggerah and Osbourne Shoals.  Bit windy but nice anyway.


December 29 we dive The Pinnacle and Pig Island Sth at Port Kembla.

The two working days between Christmas and the weekend we dive Bare Island Deep Wall and Bare Island East.

Christmas Eve early morning and we get down to Shiprock for a wonderful dive on high tide and I left my camera in the car.

Bypass reef on December 22 with Jen and Wayne and we find the 2 sea horses there, and then dive the Whale Watch Platform.

December 15 out of Broken Bay we dive a double on the wonderful Midway reef.

We're into December and on the 8th we dive Xanadu and miss the wreckage of the Hilda off Cape Solander.

Jen joins us to dive the Pinnacle at Port Kembla and then Wayne & I dive the BOMBO on November 24.

November 18 is another club dive - we dive Pizza reef and Barrens Hut.

November 10 is Port Kembla and we dive Pig Island Nth and the BOMBO.

November 4 is the club boat dive and BBQ and I get to dive Minmi Trench, Whale Watch Platform and Kurnell Deep Wall.

More missed dive opportunities but I get Jenny down to the gravel loader for a seriously bad dive and no pics on November 3.

Another month out of the water and finally I can get back in and it's Barrens Hut again on October 20.

September 22 we drop down to the SS Tuggerah, first deep dive for a while then finish at Barrens Hut.

I have hurt my back and have not been able to dive for a few weeks.  Back in the water September 15 and we dive Bypass reef and The Leap.

August 25 and the conditions are near perfect. M&K Reef, Point Tupei and the Whale Watch Platform are all really great.

A week off with bad weather and then on August 18 we dive the Bombo and Toothbrush Island.

We're into the coldest month of the year but August 4 we dive Magic Point and Bypass Reef.

July 28 is a club dive at The Split & Barrens Hut.  We follow up with an ordinary dive at Six Fathom reef.

July 21 the seas are big but we manage a dive at the Steps.  Wayne's 800th but sadly I flood my camera.

July 14, Port Kembla beckons and we take Heinz and Eddie to the Bombo and Pig Island sth.

July 7 we do a double at Osbourne Shoals with excellent viz.

June 23 we dive Tabbagi.

Back in the water on June 2 we visit the Annie M Miller and then a wonderful dive with 10 GNS at Magic Point.

June 19 Wayne & I head off to the Undola and then Wattamola point.

Our annual holiday for 2012 is to Lord Howe Island.  It really is a must go to destination.  So relaxing.

April 21 is a club dive that was cancelled but we had already decided to give the Tuggerah a go for my 800th dive.  And then we dived Osbourne shoals.

It's well into Autumn but on April 14 it was like summer and we do a double on HMAS Adelaide with ProDive Central Coast.

March 31 is another club dive, this time at Wattamola, a new site for us.  We follow up with Marley Point.

March 24 is a club dive.  We dive the chosen site Bypass reef and are rewarded, the rest dived elsewhere.  Then we do the Whale Watch Platform.


My brothers' 50th is on March 17 and he lives on the Central Coast so we take the opportunity to dive the HMAS Adelaide.

March 10 after heavy rain all week.  We try our luck at Pig Island Sth and viz was woeful.

February 25 Jen & I have a wonderful dive at Bushrangers Bay,

February 18 is a club dive to /wedding Cake island, lots of cuttles and then Magic Point.

February 12 we do a double on different parts of MK Reef.

We finish January on the 28th, again at Pizza reef and then Osbourne shoals.

January 18 I have a short dive at Bare Island West, no pics.

January 14 we dive Pizza reef and an area of The Split that we had not been to before and finish up at Shiprock.

My first dive for 2012 is Bare Island East on January 11


Jen and I celebrate Christmas by diving The Leap - Jens's 100th, then I take Patrick Jen's son for a try dive.  92 dives for 2011.

My last boat dive for 2011 on Christmas eve and Barrens Hut and Osbourne Shoals are both excellent.

December 10 we have fantastic viz at Minmi Trench and also at Henry Head.

December 4 is the club Christmas party/.  Jen and I dive the Memorial wall for her 99th dive.

December 3 we dive the Tuggerah in perhaps the worst viz we have ever had there, then Barrens Hut where the viz was fantastic.

November 19 Pig Island puts it on with 25m+ viz, then a romp with the seals and a scout around the Bombo.  Jos and Ken joined us.

November 16 we dived Bare Island West before the monthly club meeting - a bit of drizzle but still nice.

November 12, Wayne and I have excellent viz on the Tug and also at Middle Ground.

November 5 is just 2 dives, Magic Point and Kurnell deep wall - both very poor viz. Heinz & Ken join us.

October 29 we take Zorka and Stuart from the club to Magic Point, the Malabar and Henry Head.

Saturday October 22 we head up to do a double wreck dive - the Birchgrove Park and the Valiant.  Great Viz.

Mid week - we have a meeting of the St. George scuba club and dive Bare Island West before the meeting.

Great weather October 15 and we get 3 dives in. Middle Ground is superb, we dip into Oak Park and finish at high tide at Shiprock.

A big forced break from diving due to bad weather, bad health and other commitments but we finally dive again on 8 October.  We dive Whale Watch Platform and Cape Banks Caverns.

We're into Spring and we meet up on 3/9 with the St George Scuba Club at the Kelloe, then go on to Magic Point.

A week off and then we're back onto the Tuggerah and Osbourne Shoals on August 29.

August 13 we head for Port Kembla diving the Bombo, a great time with the seals at Martins Islet and finish at Pig Island.  Great diving.

We're into August, most the whales have passed trough  but the weather is kind and we dive the Tuggerah and the Whale Watch Platform.

A week off as mother nature shows her wrath and then July 30 we do 3 dives, Shiprock, Barrens Hut and the Undola which was Wayne's 700th dive.

uly 16, mother nature is still not playing nice at the Bombo but she gives us a treat at Martins Islet with heaps of seals.  WOW.

July 9, mother nature does a backflip.  Kurnell deep wall with viz <1m and the Memorial wall with viz about 2m.

July 3 Jen and I take a paddle in crystal clear water at Bushrangers Bay and have an encounter with the largest cuttle I have ever seen.  I even got some video of him.  See it here.

A week later on July 2 and the great conditions continue for the Tuggerah and Barrens Hut.

What a difference a week makes.  June 25 & perfect conditions at the Annie and Magic Point.

June 18 we manage to get down to Magic Point with 7 GNS and also dive The Steps at Kurnell.

June 6 big rolling seas at Middle Ground and very average viz at Shiprock.

May 21 we squeeze in 3 dives in at the Tuggerah, The Split and Shiprock.

May 14 is cold and windy but we get into the Kurnell deep wall and then the Memorial wall.

7th May and HMAS Adelaide is open for business and we are amongst the first 20 to publicly dive her from our own boat.

April 30 is bad weather.  It is sunny for a period and get dive The Steps with <2m viz.  No pics though

.Good Friday April 21 Jen, Wayne & I dive Pig Island and the Bombo in excellent conditions. And Jen overcomes her sea sickness WOO HOO.

April16 with big seas and strong winds we manage a dive at Inscription Point.

April 9 we have miss the anchor at 50m in a raging current at the Kelloe but back for GNS heaven at Magic Point.

After a week off due to the weather we dive Shiprock and Bass&Flinders with great viz on April 2nd.,

March 20, terrible weather but die hards Wayne and I still get 2 dives in at Anchor reef and Henry Head.  Not any god pics though.

March 13, Jen and I dive Inscription Point.

March 12 Wayne and I dived the Undola and Barrens Hut was at it's best.

March 5, Big seas and wind but Kurnell's The Steps and Memorial Wall are still good.

February 26 we dive the Birchgrove Park and The Pinnacles.  Very nice indeed.

February 19 we find 10 GNS across the 2 caves at Magic Point, check out the Malabar and dive another part of MK Reef.

February 5 is my 700th dive in 7 years.  I choose the Whale Watch Platform and then we dive Yena Flat.

January 29 we drop down onto the Tug and free a blind shark at Marley Point.

Australia Day we celebrate with great dives on the Bombo, Pig Island South and the seals at Martins Islet.

January 20 Jen, Wayne and I do a circumnavigation of Bare Island - it was tough.

Saturday 15 January we head out of Port Hacking for nice but cold dives at Barrens Hut and Six Fathom reef.

Mid week Jenny, Wayne and I dive Bare Island West.  With poor viz it was just a dive.  No pics worth posting.

My first dives for 2011 on January 8 were a site which we called MK Deep reef, SS Malabar and Cape Banks Cavern.              



December 18 is my last diving day for 2010.  We dive the Tuggerah, then the Whale Watch Platform and Tabbagai Point.

December 12 we do a very gloomy dive on the Birchgrove Park.

Back to Port Kembla on December 4, - no seals but nice dives at Martins Islet, Toothbrush Island and the BOMBO wreck.

Sunday November 28 I take Jenny and Chris for a nice dive at Bushrangers Bay.

November 27 we go to Port Kembla.  A great dive at Pig Island Sth, ordinary dive at Toothbrush Island and 15 Seals at Martins Islet.

Mid week November 27 we dive Bare Island Deep Wall.

November 13 the Undola is amazing albeit cold and we dive Osborne shoals.

During the week on November 11 we get in a dive at Bare Island, not a great dive

November 6 is wet and unpleasant in Sydney but Port Kembla reveals it's best with phenomenal viz at Pig Island Sth and the same viz on the Bombo wreck.  It doesn't get any better

Last weekend on  October we have an afternoon start and dive Henry Head Sth and Bare Island Deep Wall, both in excellent viz.

October 23 we dive a  new wreck for us, the TSS Hall Caine off Broken Bay and find a reef which we call Midway Reef.

Our first dive in October, October 8 we manage to dive the Tuggerah in what was nearly a night dive.

Hoping for better conditions September 25 we try for the Tuggerah and miss it completely, and then dive Osbourne Shoals.

After a few weeks break (Wayne was at Vanuatu diving the Coolidge) 18 Setptember we dive Barrens Hut and Middle Ground. Both were poor dives, very surgy, and uncomfortable.

The end of August and it's big seas and winds.  We get to Magic Point and then dive The Steps at Kurnell.

August 14 2010 is another big sea day but we get our to The Split and visit the PJs and then Shiprock.

August 7 - the sea is running at 3m from the south and we don't get out of Botany Bay.  No pics worth publishing.

Last weekend in July and we visit the sharks at Magic Point and then Wayne's 600th dive on the Annie M MIiller.

Shellharbour on July 24.  We dived The Olgas and then The Hump.  At The Hump we met a SEAL on the bottom. WOW!!

July 17 is a fine sunny day but the seas are a bit sloppy and the wind is strong and cold.  We head out from the Foreshore rd boat ramp and down to the Kelloe and after a cuppa in Long Bay we dive Point Tupei.

July 10 - the conditions are calm and flat.  The long run to the Undola was well worth it and Marley Point was superb.

July 3 the water temperature is dropping now but Magic Point and the Whale Watch Platform are both spectacular.

June 26 saw us on the Tuggerah and we headed across Bate Bay to the Whale Watch Platform.

On June 19 we headed out to the Hawkesbury and dive the Birchgrove Park and the Valiant.  A double wreck dive and both were great.

June 12, with big seas and strong winds we thought Port Kembla might be the best pick.  Toothbrush Island first, then the Bombo revealed more of herself than we've ever seen before.

Back home and May 29 Wayne & I dive Osbourne Shoals and Shiprock.

Vanuatu and the SS President Coolidge - it is an awesome experience. In May 2010 we did 14 dives in this WWII wreck, claimed by many to be the best wreck dive in the world. Can't say I disagree with that.

Last dives before our Vanuatu trip.  May 8 2010 - we have fantastic viz and cuttles at Cape Banks Caverns and then we head North West of the Whale Watch Platform for another fantastic dive.

May 1, Wayne and I enjoy the Tuggerah and a cuttle seems intent on getting Wayne and we dive Barrens Hut pea soup.

Another perfect weekend on Anzac long weekend - Magic Point had a surprise for Wayne and I, then the Malabar wreck and then the Whale watch platform where we got close with the resident turtle. And on Monday Jenny and I enjoy Bushrangers Bay.

A fine sunny day on April 17, 2010 Wayne and I do the Undola (with seal), Shiprock on high tide and Osbourne Shoals, all in one day.

Wayne still away and Jenny and I have a wonderful dive at Kurnell on April 11.

April 3 Jenny and I squeeze a shallow dive in at Bushrangers Bay.

March 27 sees the scuttling of HMAS Adelaide off Avoca Beach scuttled so we headed south to Port Kembla to the Bombo and Pig Island.

March 20 we expected near perfect conditions at Shellharbour but it was not to be.  We do dive The Arch and Cave and Lou's rock.

March 13 2010 We hoped for good conditions and we did get on to the Birchgrove Park but conditions got worse so only one dive today.

Conditions didn't look great for our March 6 outings but we get onto the Tuggerah and finish up on Osbourne Shoals.

We hadn't dived out of Port Hacking for a while.  We dive Barrens Hut and Maccas Reef.

My 600th dive in just over 6 years was on the SS Bombo on February 20, 2010.  Conditions looked great but it all went wrong.  Our second dive at Pig Island Sth was a winner.

But on February 13 we get to finish our Decompression Procedures and Advanced Nitrox with a 47m dive on the Myola.  Very nice too.  Then we complete the wreck dives for the day on the Centurion and were surprised with the stunning visibility.

It's a long wait between dives - we did try to dive on Feb 5 could see nothing without a torch.  We spend 5 mins under water.

On the 23rd we visit the Annie M Miller again, this time on our course and then check out an area East of Old Mans Hat.  Very nice.

The 16th & 17th January we are doing our Decompression Procedures and Advanced Nitrox so no pics this week.

On January 9 Wayne and I visit the Annie M Miller, and after visiting Plunge Diving we dive Old Mans Hat.

Jen and I start 2010 with a double dive at Bare Island - the Deep Wall and the West reef.


We finish 2009 on 28th December. With heavy rain in Sydney we go to Port Kembla are are double blessed with the Bombo & Pig Island.

December 19th 2009 we go deep on the Kelloe and then look for sharks and find squid at Magic Point.

December 13 Jen and I drop into Bare Island late in the afternoon.  What we didn't see was disturbing.

December 12, 2009 - our second dive on the Birchgrove Park and then The Pinnacles.  Doesn't get much better in Sydney.

First dive day of summer 2009 we dive the Undola, and very nice she was too.

November 28th 2009 perfect condition and we dive the Bombo and Pig Island Sth.  Both are WOW!!

November 21st 2009 Jen, Wayne and I visit the lone GNS at Magic Point and we dive the Malabar wreckage.

Sunday November 15, 2009 Jenny and I do a double Bare Island and encounter twin mourning cuttles - so cute.

November 7, 2009 we go back to the Tug, fight the current again and find Wayne's lost inflator but not his knife.  We then dive the South end of Osbourne Shoals and finish with Shiprock. Well after a very wet October and Wayne cruising the Mediterranean we are back diving.  We struggle with current on the Tug and silt at Osbourne Shoals.

When all others don't go out we still do - we dive Marley Point and the Whale Watch Platform off Kurnell.  This is a lovely site.

September 19, 2009 we venture North and do a double wreck dive,  the Birchgrove Park and the Valiant.  Fantastic diving.

Finally we get down to Jervis Bay.  We nail the TSS Wandra, can't find The Whorehouse and nail the Fairey Firefly.  All in all a great days diving.

First Saturday of Spring 2009.  The weather conditions are variable.  We end up at Wedding Cake Island and then heaps of weedie sea dragons at Henry Head Sth.

A fine sunny but windy Saturday 29th August 2009 we look for sharks at Magic Point and then escape the wind at Anchor reef.

22 August 2009 we dive the Undola and Osbourne Shoals.

August 8 we headed for Port Kembla to dive the Bombo.

Well it's the end of July 2009, the site has been off line for a bit - it needed repairs.  So now we're back up again and continuing the diving saga.

18th and 25th July we are on the Undola.  Conditions are variable with strong currents but we are able to fix our mooring.

July 11 we are lucky with good conditions on the Tuggerah, and have an underweighted experience at Barrens Hut.

July 4 we visit the GNS at Magic Point and then go to Kurnell to get away from the large rough seas.

I've had a month off diving following an operation on my left shoulder.  The operation went well and I'm back into it.  June 27 we dived Pizza reef & Osbourne Shoals.

May 30, Wayne and I have 2 dives - Anchor reef muck dive and The Steps.  There are good dives and then there are dives.  These were the latter.

May 14 to May 21 - MIKE BALL - 7 day CORAL SEA SAFARI. Wow - this is 5 star live aboard with all the trimmings.

May 9, 2009 seas again big - Minmi Trench is rough but Anchor reef is better.

May 3, Jen and I get a dive in at Bare Island.

May 2, 2009 the water remains warm but unsettled - Barrens Hut is the best we can do and Osbourne Shoals is a delight

April 25, 2009 strong winds coming up but we get out to a very surgy Cape Banks Caverns and Anchor reef, visiting the pygmy pipe horse.

April 18, 2009 seas are really sloppy and strong winds coming up.  We have a 6am early start and get down to Magic Point and then Wayne finds a pygmy pipe horse at Anchor reef.

April 11, seas are flat, no wind and sunny - we put a mooring on the Undola - it takes 2 dives to get it right and we swim with a seal. Finish with The Gullies.

Easter long weekend April 11 2009 Jen and I have a lovely long dive at Camp Cove.

Really rough conditions March 4 2009, we manage a dive at Anchor reef.

Sunday 29th March 2009 Jenny and I get a dip in at Gordons Bay.

Another wreck on the 28th March 2009 - the Annie M Miller.  And we finish the day at Magic Point.

March 21, the Tuggerah was so good last week that we decided to visit it again.  And follow up with Pizza reef.

We sneak in another mid week dive at Bare Island but it was a bit ordinary.

March 14, 2009, flat seas and the Tuggerah has a surprise for us - a juvenile sunfish.

Daylight savings will soon be over so we can still sneak in a mid week dive at Bare Island on March 11, 2009.

 My 500th dive at Shellharbour on March 7, 2009.  Lous Rock for 499 and The Gutter for my 500th.

A calm Monday March 2 Jen, Wayne and I do a trip in pea soup at Bare Island West.  Nice cuttles though and we return the dumpbell.

The last weekend of summer 08-09 we do a triple - Middle Ground, Barrens Hut and Shiprock.

The sharks at Magic Point have been calling us for a while.  We had to answer so on Feb 22 2009 we were there. And WOW was it good.  We follow up with an old favourite at Anchor reef.

Feb 7, 2009 we continue our affair with Sydney's wrecks visiting the Undola and following up with 6 fathom reef.

Wrecks, wrecks and more wrecks. January 17, 2009 we do a double on the Bombo.  WOW was she good.

Our run on wrecks continues and January 10 as we go down on the Annie M Miller and follow up at Magic Point.

January 5 2009 and mid week we get in two dives at Bare Island on Monday and one on Wednesday.

We're doing a run on wrecks at the moment. January 3, 2009 the Tuggerah is at it's best and we explore Voodoo as well.


The last weekend in December and conditions are perfect early on so we dive the Undola and Barrens Hut.

Our first dive on Wayne's new boat (a barcrusher) we dive Kurnell Deep Wall and Anchor reef.

After a few weeks off Jenny and I get into Inscription Point on Saturday 20th December.

A perfect weekend, Saturday December 6, 2008 and off to Bass Point and Jen and I dive Bushrangers Bay and the Gravel Loader.

Mid week, Wednesday 3rd December and I take Jen out to Bare Island West to do some buoyancy skills.

Sunday 30th November 2008 - Wayne is off to Lord Howe Island for a week - lucky him.  I take Jen out to Bare Island to practice UW navigation ahead of her Advanced OW course.

Saturday 22nd November 2008, we manage to get into Minmi Trench before the gale hit.

The next Wednesday, the 19th we go out after work and slip out the Deep Wall at Bare Island.

Another week another dive - Bare Island circumnavigation on Wednesday 12th November.

Sunday, a fine sunny day and the scuba divers are out in force at Bare Island.  Jenny and I dive Bare Island west and have an amazing encounter with 2 mourning cuttles.

After a couple of weeks off due to illness, on November 8, we get out of Port Hacking and do Middle Ground, Maccas reef and Jibbon Bommie.

A Perfect day on October 18.  We dive the Annie M Miller then Magic Point (no sharks again) and finish by collecting 2 anchors at the Container Wall.

October 12 we walked from Bare Island to Maroubra.

October 11, fine weather and we could dive anywhere.  We chose Port Kembla and a double dive on the Bombo wreck and a short dive at Toothbrush island.  This takes me up to 76 dives for 2008 and 458 total.

Start of October and the long weekend and it's raining.  Seas and wind are favourable - we depart Sydney for Shellharbour, diving Lous Reef, Slipper reef and The Arch & Cave.

We are getting great conditions so we have another go at the Kelloe forecastle, then do Cape Banks Cavern and Bare Island Bommie on Sept 27.

Great conditions on Sept 20 and we try for the Kelloe forecastle and then Magic Point and then the Malabar, all in one day.

Well it's been a long wait with very poor weather.  We attempted to dive the container wall but could not get the anchor to hold so no diving.  So it was great, with calmer seas and winds to dive the Undola and Barrens Hut on September 14.

August 17 Jen and I walk the Grand Canyon in the Blue Mountains.

August 16 and we salvage chain from the container wall - no pics though.

August 9 fine and windy we struggle down to the Undola.

August 2 and another wacky weather day.  We hook in behind Henry Head and then dive the Container Wall.

A cold and early start on Saturday July 26, Kurnell Deep wall and Bare Island Deep Wall.

Sunday July 13 I take my son Jeff for a try dive at Clovelly Pool.  

July 12 we have a wonderful 3 dives in Shellharbour - The Arch & Cave, Lous Rock North and the Gravel Loader.

July 5 we dive Middle Ground and Barrens Hut.

June 28 and much flatter seas and a southerly sea allow us to get to the Annie M Miller and finish off with Magic Point.

Better conditions Jen and I take a dip at Inscription Point on the June 22.

The weather has been atrocious for diving so after a week off we manage to get into Minmi trench and Anchor reef on June 21.

After a week off due an infection in my eye we dive Pizza Reef & Six Fathom.

May 17 2008 we visit the Tug and a great dive it is.

Jenny and I have been to Ningaloo - GBR on steroids in May 2008.



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