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This was our second dive for the day after Pig Island.  We'd had our cuppa and surface interval at the jetty and a short run out to the Bombo had us anchored and ready to go in very little time.  The wind had come up a bit at this stage on an otherwise very flat sea and there were lots of white caps.   Down we went, Wayne and Jen first, then me a minute later.  We found we were anchored on the port side forward of the boiler. After moving the anchor back to the wreck and securing it near the boiler we headed over the engine to the prop.  It was surrounded by fish making getting a good photo hard.  From the prop we headed forward and into the penetration forward of the boiler.  This is bigger now, with more sand removed from the forward area.  We swam out the and then forward again to find a huge wobbie gong resting.  It tolerated our presence for a few minutes while we took pics then took off quickly, coming to rest on the sand on the starboard side of the boiler.  Further forward the hull as collapsed more, revealing small openings, much too small to enter.  Back around the front and back to the boiler we were were getting close to deco and time to head up.

This was Jen's second dive for the day and she was still feeling good - no sign of sea sickness.  We headed over to Martin's Islet to check out the seals.  It was now overcast and non of the seals were in the water or looking even remotely interested.  It was quite surgy in the channel.  We decided there was little point getting back into the water so we headed home.

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