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November 24 2012 Wayne and I head out after the Pinnacle to dive the Bombo.  As soon as the ship had passed we moved into position and dropped anchor.  The wind was getting up but the anchor held so over we went and down 30 metres to the bottom.  The anchor was 10 off the wreck on the forward port side so we dragged it across and dropped it into a large piece of wreck. 

We had a big skirt around the back of the prop and there were heaps of nannie gai around the prop.  Then along and into the penetration in front of the boiler then out the top and down the keel to the bow.  There are big openings into the wreck now, not enough to swim into but quite sizable anyway.

Viz was really good so we had an enjoyable dive there.

We were looking for Wayne's weight pocket that he had lost here last time but we did not find it. 






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