Bombo wreck
 The Bombo is located just off Port Kembla, right in the middle of the shipping lanes.  To dive it you need to check planned shipping movements with the harbour master (4275 0145). Ship movements can be reviewed at the Port Kembla website.  If there are no ship movements then you are able to dive it.  It is not too deep (28 to 30m) and has all the features of the deeper wrecks off Sydney.  It is in 3 pieces, running N to S, easily identifiable and there are small penetrations in the wreck.  There is the stern with rudder and prop and alongside it the engine and boiler.  There is a small safe penetration just forward of the boiler on the starboard side.  Further forward is the hull of the ship which disappears into the sand.  The rest of the bow is further along, with a small penetration on the port side.  Late 2009 the bow was more pronounced.  There is also scattered wreckage around the main wreck, as far out as 50m from the main wreck.  A scooter would be recommend for exploring further a field from the wreck itself.

It is easy to locate with the bottom finder if you have the co-ordinates.  We use GPS 34o26.667S 150o 55.550E which places you right over the wreck.  In March 2010 we revised our marks, attaching a SMB to the wreck to make sure the marks are directly over the wreck.  These marks are adjacent to the rear of the boiler, on the port side 34o 26.674S 150o  55.551E.

The dive on November 6, 2010 had amazing viz.  I shot a video which I uploaded to YouTube.  Click here to view it.

It is a short trip out from the very nice boat ramp at Port Kembla.  Ship movements can be reviewed at the Port Kembla website.


Bombo 21-07-07
Bombo 160906
SS  Bombo 04-08-07
SS  Bombo 23-02-08
SS  Bombo 11-10-08
SS  Bombo 17-01-09
SS  Bombo 08-08-09
SS  Bombo 28-11-09
SS  Bombo 28-12-09
SS Bombo 20-02-10
SS Bombo 27-02-10
SS Bombo 12-06-10
SS Bombo 06-11-10
SS Bombo 04-12-10
SS Bombo 21-04-11
SS Bombo 16-07-11
SS Bombo 13-08-11
SS Bombo 19-11-11
SS Bombo 14-07-12
Bombo 24-11-12
Bombo 17-08-13
Bombo 14-12-13
Bombo 27-09-14
Bombo 14-02-15
Bombo 27-06-15
Bombo 07-05-16




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