SS Bombo 04-08-07
Bombo 21-07-07
Bombo 160906
SS  Bombo 04-08-07
SS  Bombo 23-02-08
SS  Bombo 11-10-08
SS  Bombo 17-01-09
SS  Bombo 08-08-09
SS  Bombo 28-11-09
SS  Bombo 28-12-09
SS Bombo 20-02-10
SS Bombo 27-02-10
SS Bombo 12-06-10
SS Bombo 06-11-10
SS Bombo 04-12-10
SS Bombo 21-04-11
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Bombo 27-06-15
Bombo 07-05-16


  We had really strong SW winds on August 4, 2007 but fairly flat seas were predicted. The swell was OK but the wind was really chopping the water up.  A check with the harbour master and there are no shipping movements before 2pm making the Bombo a possibility.  We headed out across the choppy water, dropping anchor on the site.  We expected the wind to push the boat NW and drag the anchor onto the wreck.  The boat stayed at 20m from the wreck so down we went.  Our anchor was in the sand past the wreck and even in the strong winds it was holding the boat.  We moved the anchor onto the wreck.  Viz was very good - close to 20m.  The stern with prop and rudder stood upright with the engine, boiler and forward part of the ship upside down.  Further away was the rest of the bow of the ship, also upside down and separated by sand.  The engine is outstanding and many parts are clearly identifiable.  We were able to penetrate forward of the boiler, looking back into the boiler Wayne found a small moray eel on one of the tubes. There is scattered wreckage forward of the boiler.  You are able to penetrate about 10-12m forward, after entering from the right side.  Further forward is the rest of the ship, and you can penetrate a small way into this section from one side.  The hull has been flattened severely over the years and it's just a matter of time till it drops completely and there will be nothing left to penetrate.

Still, the Bombo is a great dive and an easy run from the Port Kembla boat ramp. We dived on 36% Nitrox, a bottom time of 32 minutes, at 28-30m without going into deco (mind you we were close to deco).  I'd recommend diving it while it can still be penetrated.



prop & rudder

prop & rudder from behind


side of prop

looking along the wreck

the boiler from inside

inside part of the boiler

fish galore

across the top of the wreck

forward of the boiler - you can penetrate into here

the same forward section

this is in front of the forward section

close up

this is forward most section - the bow

you can penetrate the 'bow' here

Wayne goes in

looking back along the wreck. This is the stern section, boiler and engine are top the right.


looking back towards the prop




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