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A beautiful day with no wind and flat seas.  NO ship movements till the afternoon so perfect conditions for the Bombo.  We anchored at the back of the wreck and the viz was great, at least 20m.  I spent most of my time at the back and around the engine while Wayne ventured forward to the front part of the wreck.  We penetrated in front of the boiler - a large open and often having interesting critters in it.  In a pipe in the sand we saw and octopus.  As the conditions were so good we decided to do a second dive here.  We left the anchor and surfaced.  The yachts that we had seen out to sea a bit when we pulled up had hardly moved during our dive.  Shortly after, 4 divers in a Zodiac pulled up.  Initially wanting to mark the wreck's location they decided to dive it as well.  They tied up to us and went down.  We followed a few minutes later.  We visited the front this time.  Disappointing that the penetration at the front has been closed off a bit by sand.  It is still possible to penetrate  but tight.  We looked in but did not enter. 

A double dive on 28% Nitrox at around 30m with bottom times of 30 mins and 25 mins respectively.  The second dive we went into deco, spending 15 mins decompressing.  It was worth it.


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