SS Bombo 28-12-09
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Bombo 160906
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Bombo 07-05-16


  After Christmas 2009 the weather was not being kind.  Rain, rain and heavy rain blanketed Sydney.  We thought that Port Kembla might be better than Sydney.  We expected less rain and better water viz.  We had a long gap between 8am and 14:00 to get onto the Bombo.  And the viz promised good things as we watched the anchor heading down.  At the bottom we were anchored just behind the stern, so Wayne quickly moved the anchor onto a secure spot behind the engine.  The viz was fantastic, easily 20m. In fact on the way down I had looked up from about 20m and could easily see the boat.  We started at the prop where a lovely fiddler ray grazed the bottom. We then swam around the boiler and into the first penetration.  Then down the side to end up at the bow which is more clearly defined.  It appears some of the sand has moved from around the bow.  Back again towards the stern and a good inspection of the engine before finishing at the prop.  Even on 37% Nitrox I was within 1 minute of deco, having spent 36 minutes on wreck itself.  We could have spent longer but time was against us and we ascended away from the Bombo.




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