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  My 600th dive and I wanted Jenny to come along.  She had been sea sick at my 500th so I picked Port Kembla as the boat run is short.  She took newly purchased Maxilon (the big gun we called) and we were confident they would work.  Shipping movements favoured a fist dive on the Bombo and this would be Jenny's first wreck dive.  No sooner had we set anchor, placing the boat 20m from our mark, and Jenny started to feel sick.  We got her in the water quickly and she waited at 5m for Wayne and then myself.  Down we go and the water looks dirty. We hit the bottom and find a rock, lots of sand and some kelp.  No wreck.  Wayne tied off a spool to the anchor and did a sweep but came up empty handed.  I then took the spool out at 90 degrees and after a few minutes found wreckage and a large piece of the wreck that sits on the starboard side, ahead of the boiler.  I tied the spool off and went back to Wayne and Jenny.  We followed the line to the wreck.  We saw a huge wobbie on the sand beside the wreck.  We swam past the boiler, over the top of the engine and to the propeller. 

We had very little time left by then and headed back, Wayne winding the spool back in as we went.  When we came up to the end of the line there was no anchor, although we could hear the chain.  At this stage, we only had a few minutes of no deco time left.  Lucky we were on 36% Nitrox.  We abandoned looking for the anchor and did a blue water ascent, all 3 of us low on air.  As we started our safety stop I saw Jenny's camera drifting down.  Luckily I was able to grab it as I did not have the air to chase it down.  The pin holding the camera to strap had come loose.  At this time I had decided to send up an SMB so I was juggling the camera and the SMB.  I then saw the anchor rope just metres behind us.  Salvation. 

We finished our stops and ascend, Jenny immediately very sea sick.  We got her out of her dive gear and back onto the boat.  Wayne had to lift the anchor from the bottom, and with it's 9lb weight it is quite heavy to lift.

No photos - the viz was poor, we had little time on the wreck.  As they say all dives are good dives, only some are better than others.




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