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  Good weather but the seas were a bit sloppy.  We had chosen to go to Port Kembla.  As always we can dive her if there are no ships entering or exiting the port.  Today, there were none till 2pm so she was ours for the taking. Two goes to get the anchor to hook and the seas were quite choppy.  The new boat, now sporting her name "Yes Dear Too" handles it well.  Over the side and we know it was going to be good.  The viz was superb.  We were anchored on the front section of the wreck, so we explored this area.  We found two of the biggest wobbiegongs that we had every seen in the area.  It was also worth exploring the wreckage field around the wreck with such good viz.  After a 2 hour surface interval we anchored again, this time on the back of the wreck, near the engine.  Fish life galore here, it was amazing.  A lovely giant cuttle came out to see us and towards the end of the dive a very large numbray drifted across the bottom.  This is the largest numbray that I have ever seen.  All too soon out time was up so we let the anchor go and drifted with the boat.  Another beautiful day on some the wrecks that we can access.


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