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Bombo 160906
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  After diving Pig Island and getting the all clear from the Harbourmaster we dropped anchor above the wreck.  Our GPS position put the wreck 20m west of the boat.  Down we went and found sand at the bottom.  We dragged the anchor across about 20m and no wreck.  The viz was very poor at 2 - 3 m only.  We attached a reel to the anchor and went out 20m and swept anti clockwise in a circular search pattern. We found an old broken snorkel and then our back anchor.  We swept further, virtually completing a full 360 and there was the wreck.  We had found the engine and nearby the prop.  Lots of fish all around it and as we swam past the prop there was our anchor.  If we had swept clockwise we would have hit the wreck almost immediately.  I returned from the prop the reel, intending to wind it back in.  A wobbie swam past and settled on the sand right below me.  WOW.  It moved off soon and then we found it resting on the wreck.  We could be very close, less than 0.5m and watched it for a few minutes.  It was unperturbed.  We did this dive on 29% Nitrox but went into deco, so we spent 8 mins on the deco before surfacing and heading home. 

And no pics as my strobe batteries decided to go flat as soon as we found the wreck.





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