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  June 27 we had planned dives at Shellharbour.  Jenny and I were already past Windang when Wayne rang.  Problem - the right trailer wheel bearing has collapsed and he is on the side of the road, So we head back to where he is, quite a round trip.  Once there we assessed the problem and limped on to Port Kembla where we thought there was a mechanic who could fix it.  Three mechanics later we came to one who could help.  So Wayne put the boat in the water at Port Kembla then took the trailer back.

So while the trailer was being fixed we dived the Bombo and then The Pinnacle. Jen, Hienz, Wayne and I dropped down to the Bombo.  The viz was quite good around 10m and water temp 18C.  Saw 2 cuttles, one hiding back in the boiler and the other that Jen saw ducked quickly back into a collapsed part of the wreck.


Wayne and I did our second dive at The Pinnacle.  Viz was even better - a good 10m.  A huge school of Nanie Gae hung between the rocks, and a lovely cuttle out in the open was a joy.  Having had a shortish surface interval this dive was short as well - we both went slightly into deco.

The Pinnacle










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