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  Conditions are variable on August 8.  The wind is strong and chilly but we are lucky - there is only one ship arriving at 8.30 and then no more movements till the afternoon.  We hooked in first time despite the strong winds.  We had chose to do a long dive on twins.  We were also testing some changes to our deco bar which we were keen to try.  Viz was good but not exceptional at the bottom and we slowly same along to the front of the wreck. The sand has moved quite a bit at the front and exposed more the bow than I had seen previously.  We headed across the bow and then back along the starboard side to the rear section and the engine.  At 40 mins bottom time on 27% we prepared to ascend to start our decompression. As Wayne was preparing to lift the anchor another anchor came down, nearly hitting him on the head.  He actually secured the anchor to the wreck and we continued to prepare our anchor.  At some point their anchor came loose and as they pulled it up it became entangled in our anchor rope.

At this stage we had the anchor about 5m off the bottom on suspended under the lift bag.  Their attempts to lift their anchor was also lifting ours with us hanging onto it.  Dumping air out of our BCDs we managed to stop the ascent but then had to dump the air out of the lift bag as well, leaving the anchor on the bottom.  We had a long series of deco stops and I started to get cold regardless of the dry suit I was wearing.

This goes to show how dangerous it can be to drop an anchor where dives are under the water.  Sadly, the other boat was not a rogue fisher but a local dive boat operator.



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