SS Bombo 13-08-11
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[Bombo 160906]
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[SS  Bombo 11-10-08]
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[Bombo 17-08-13]
[Bombo 14-12-13]
[Bombo 27-09-14]
[Bombo 14-02-15]
[Bombo 27-06-15]
[Bombo 07-05-16]


  August 13 a fine sunny day and Port Kembla was beckoning us.  After the storms and big seas we were interested in what the Bombo looked like.  We anchored easily just off the rear of the engine.  There was a lot of particles in the water making it hard to get decent pics.  I focused on close ups instead.  In front of the boiler the hull has been exposed.  There is quite a bit of newly exposed rusty metal and areas where the hull has collapsed.  While Wayne disappeared forward, I hung around the boiler and engine. Behind the engine we found what looked like part of a gauge  or instrument.  Water temp was a pleasant 17C.








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