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Saturday November 28 2009 we head out of the Port Kembla boat ramp nice and early.  The Bombo beckons and the conditions are prefect.  Seas are flat, no wind, sunny sky. We drop anchor on the Bombo and head down.  To our surprise we find the anchor sitting in the sand with the wreck no where in sight.  We lift the anchor using our lift bag and take a bearing, pulling the anchor (and the boat) with us).  We come across scattered wreckage, pieces of pipe and then we see the wreck.  This has taken a significant chunk of air and deco time.  The viz is great, at least 15m.  We swim around the prop and head forward.  As always the wreck is covered in nanniegai. At the bow of the wreck we come across a cuttle with a fish in it's mouth.  We had never seen this before.  The fish had a large hook in it.  Wayne was able to grab the line and between us we got the fish back and removed the hook.  I then offered the fish to the cuttle and after a bit of hesitation the cuttle took the fish and proceeded to swallow it.  We have never seen this kind of behaviour before.  I guess we saved it's life - the hook would have caused it problems for sure. 

We ran out of deco time and had to head up.  Conditions were so good we would have loved to stay longer.



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