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Our first dive on November 6, 2010 was at Pig Island Sth and we have blue water and tropical water viz.  Very rare around here.  We had high expectations of the Bombo and it did not disappoint.

As we descended we could see the wreck from 15m, it was an amazing sight.  Our anchor was secure on the engine and we headed to the bow.  With such good viz there were plenty of photo opportunities and I took a large number of them.  I was able to ascend and get great photos looking back along the wreck.  The boiler and stern were very clear with the prop well exposed above the sand.  I ascended to 23m and took some video, swimming down between the stern and the boiler and into the penetration in front of the boiler.  The video has been downloaded to YouTube and you can view it here.

A lovely moray rested in a hole in the engine and posed nicely. 

This is probably the best dive we have had on the Bombo, blue water and 15-20m viz is rare and we enjoyed all 43 minutes of it.








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