SS Bombo 27-02-10
Bombo 21-07-07
Bombo 160906
SS  Bombo 04-08-07
SS  Bombo 23-02-08
SS  Bombo 11-10-08
SS  Bombo 17-01-09
SS  Bombo 08-08-09
SS  Bombo 28-11-09
SS  Bombo 28-12-09
SS Bombo 20-02-10
SS Bombo 27-02-10
SS Bombo 12-06-10
SS Bombo 06-11-10
SS Bombo 04-12-10
SS Bombo 21-04-11
SS Bombo 16-07-11
SS Bombo 13-08-11
SS Bombo 19-11-11
SS Bombo 14-07-12
Bombo 24-11-12
Bombo 17-08-13
Bombo 14-12-13
Bombo 27-09-14
Bombo 14-02-15
Bombo 27-06-15
Bombo 07-05-16


  Our previous dive on the Bombo we missed it completely and when we found it the viz was pathetic.  This time we had a plan to redo our GPS marks.  Our cunning plan was to tie a rope to the wreck and feed a reel line through it. A lift bag on the end of the line would go to the surface and the reel we would take back up with us.  This would give us an exact location and by releasing the line from the lift bag we should be able to recover the reel line.  So part one went well, we had the lift bag and line set and the reel ready to take up.

We swan around the wreck to the prop covered in nannaegai then into the penetration forward of the boiler.  Lots of fish in here.  Then across the top and down the port side where a large wobbie rested on the sand.  I got a couple of photos before it swam off.  Forward to the bow and there is another wobbie (or the same one) resting on top of the metal plates.  It was not at all concerned by our presence and I got lots of pics.  Then to the bow which seems to be more exposed each time we visit.   Back to the anchor and Wayne heads off with the anchor while I ascend with the reel.  It went well till at 12m I ran out of line on the reel.  My first action was to tie the reel off to the line, then ascend, complete my safety stop and then surface.  I then thought that I could attach my spool to the reel and then surface with the spool.  This worked well.  I waited for Wayne to come back with the boat.  Once Wayne got back it became interesting.  The wind was taking the boat away at a fast rate so I had to give the spool to Wayne and while I climbed back into the boat he had to let the line run out. 

We reversed back and I jumped back in a removed the line from the lift bag.  At this stage we expected that we could simply pull the line through and it would wind up.  However, we nearly got the reel to the boat and it caught, and with the wind pushing the boat away we again had to let the line run out.

Reversing the boat again Wayne jumped it to do a bounce dive to free the line.  I had to throw the spool to him and inevitably the line unwound.  Net result, Wayne became tangled in the line.  He did get down to free the line, then surfaced, but I had to help him get untangled from the line before he could get back into the boat.  Quite an adventure but we got our revised marks.  34o 26.674S 150o  55.551E





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