Bombo 160906
Bombo 21-07-07
Bombo 160906
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Bombo 07-05-16


   WOW!!  We have been trying to get onto the wreck of the BOMBO for quite a while.  Well, this was the day.  Millpond seas, no current, no wind, great viz.  Down we went and found our anchors not more than 10m from the wreck.   The wreck is in poor condition.  The main described in Tom Byron's book has rolled so very little penetration is possible.  The boiler is no longer visible.  Engine parts, the rudder and propeller are clearly visible and the wreck, sitting in sand at 27m is full of fish life.  We spent as much time as we could on 32% Nitrox.  Inside the wreck are thousands of Nannygai.  We also saw a numbray in the sand inside the wreck.  It is full of fish life as the pics below show.

Wayne approaches the wreck

the back of the wreck

prop and rudder

Nannygai inside the wreck

a bolster on the wreck

Sgt Baker

Wayne hangs off the deco bar

Wayne on Yes Dear


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