Bombo 21-07-07
Bombo 21-07-07
Bombo 160906
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Bombo 07-05-16


  This was my second dive on the Bombo. The seas had been up all week and they forecast was for 3m swells.  We thought the islands at Port Kembla would have some shelter and give us some choices.  We had heard that Abyss was to do a double dive on the Bombo so we called the Harbour master who gave the good news - no ships till 1pm.  At the bottom the viz was poor, just a few metres.  Our anchor had caught one of the cranks near the boiler. We found the boiler sitting quite proud of the wreck and were able to dive between it and bulkheads of the ship.  It seemed different to our last visit - maybe the effect of the big seas.  Inside the wreck there were heaps of fish life.  Despite the poor viz we had a good dive, staying within deco limits on 36% Nitrox.



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