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  We had a rather ordinary dive at Toothbrush Island but after a break at the boat ramp we headed back out to the Bombo. With the strong wind and rolling seas we had 2 attempts at hooking into the wreck.  Over we went and at the bottom we found the anchor hooked in on the rear port side of the boiler.  The first thing we noticed is that she looked different.  Strong seas had caused some noticeable changes and there were patches of bare metal exposed.  The prop was well exposed and look splendid with many fish around it.  In front of the boiler the penetration was much deeper - it appeared to have had several feet of sand dug out from it.  You could now be inside here and look forward right and see through to the outside.  You could penetrate much further forward than before and there was much more light at the front of this area.

Leaving here and swimming up the starboard side I could see newly exposed pipes from where the hull had recently collapsed.  Wayne had gone further forward and reported a much larger penetration in the forward part of the wreck.  He did not enter it. We ran out of deco time too quickly and had to leave the Bombo for now.  It's well worth going back for another look.






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