SS Kelloe
 The SS Kelloe is one of the deeper wrecks off Sydney, sitting in just over 50m.  The top of the boiler is at 45-46m making it easy to find with a bottom finder.  It is located off Little Bay.  Tom Byron also gives some useful markings in his book "Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing guide to Southern NSW".  Several of the markings are no longer there and the south one does not seem right to us.  He also states that it's at 40m depth, and most certainly it is at 50m. The Kelloe went down in 1902 after a collision with the Dunmore in calm seas.     Michael McFadyen has some useful information on the wreck at his page on the Kelloe, including a description of the wreck as it is today. 

 GPS Co-ordinates are easy to find. 

The boiler and one anchor are easy to see to the north of the wreck.  There are also winches here.  To the south there is the engine, cranks and prop.  Unlike most of the other wrecks around Sydney this one is very low on fish life.  There is none of the schools of Nannygai or Bullseye that are evident in their thousands at the Annie M Miller, Undola or Tug.   And at 50m, time on the wreck is very limited.  Even on 27% Nitrox, you hit deco after just 4 mins on the bottom (assuming a reasonable descent rate), and after that a very lengthy deco stop.  Being this deep it is really a technical dive.  The bottom is rocky and if you miss the wreck you could be anywhere.  And at this depth there is limited time to find it.


SS Kelloe 23-06-07
SS Kelloe 18-08-07
SS Kelloe 25-08-07
SS Kelloe 01-09-07
SS Kelloe 29-12-07
SS Kelloe 20-09-08
SS Kelloe 29-09-08
SS Kelloe 19-12-09
SS Kelloe 17-07-10
SS Kelloe 09-04-11
SS Kelloe 03-09-11
SS Kelloe 27-04-13




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