SS Kelloe 19-12-09
  We haven't dived the Kelloe in over a year and with the conditions looking good we head out from the new Foreshore road boat ramp.  We anchor easily and dropped over the side to head down.  I have my dive light back after a long absence but despite checking it on the boat, at the bottom it does not work (we found that the bulb had come off the plug in the head).  The viz is great, we are anchored about 15m west of the boiler.  We head across to the boiler, then out to the anchor on the NW side.  Then back on the east side of the wreck and over the top of the very collapsed body of the ship.  We circle round the props then are back at the anchor all too soon.  Not much fish life on the Kelloe but it is a relatively short run in the boat.  I manage a 22 minute bottom time on one of the 12.2L tanks with 30 bar left when I switched to my 50% deco mix.  OK, purists will say I should have had the header open but this way I only fill one tank, not 2.
SS Kelloe 23-06-07
SS Kelloe 18-08-07
SS Kelloe 25-08-07
SS Kelloe 01-09-07
SS Kelloe 29-12-07
SS Kelloe 20-09-08
SS Kelloe 29-09-08
SS Kelloe 19-12-09
SS Kelloe 17-07-10
SS Kelloe 09-04-11
SS Kelloe 03-09-11
SS Kelloe 27-04-13




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