SS Kelloe 20-09-08
  Conditions were so good that we put the boat in at Long Bay.  Gives a really quick start but it is a difficult ramp to use.  We headed across to the Kelloe, aiming to check out the forecastle, which we were told was 40m NE of the winch or boiler (not sure which).  At the bottom our anchor was 5m N or the Kelloe's main anchor.  This put us NW of the boiler.  We neglected to use a reel as we felt the viz was good. We   headed NE from there, expecting to cross the forecastle area.  At 52m we had limited time on the bottom.  We followed a ridge line that headed in the right direction.  We could no longer see our anchor at this stage.  Too soon it was time to turn around.  Somehow in the process of turning around we ended up following a ridge that was actually heading Northish.  Realising the error we would have had to back track and hope to come across the anchor or wreck.  We were out of time and had limited air supply so had to make a blue water ascent.  Wayne indicated to use a stretchy cord (we use these for the deco stops) to keep us together so we clipped it onto a suitable ring on the BCD.  We also had to do a blue water deco.  As soon as we could I surfaced and took a bearing for the boat.  It was West of us.  We headed in that direction at a depth of 5m.  When I had completed my deco, Wayne still had a few minutes to do.  I surfaced about 50m from the boat, with Wayne hanging out at 5m below me.  I saw another dive boat approaching.  They saw mw and I indicated that I was OK.  Quickly telling them what happened and that Wayne was below me, they threw me a rope and gently towed us back to our boat. 

We don't know who they were but our thanks to them.  Their boat was a twin hull and they did dive the Kelloe. It would have been a very tiring swim.

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