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 We don't often dive the Kelloe.  It's just over 50m and it's a long deco for not much to see.  Never the less, conditions were flat and we expected great viz.  We weren't disappointed.  Our anchor had held in the bottom 20m west of the wreck.  We took the reel across to the wreck itself and left the reel sitting on the bottom while we explored.  We headed over to the boiler then up to the anchor for obligatory photos.  Viz was excellent, easy 15m but at this depth a bit dull despite the sunny day.   After the anchor we went back over to the boiler and had a good look at it, then down the wreck following the shafts. Found a nice cuttle here and another on a piece of the wreck just to the west of the boiler.

Then at the 25 minute mark we were back at the anchor and lifting it off the bottom with the left bag.  The wind carried the boat and anchor back across the wreck sop we got another look as we ascended.  A lengthy deco stop to make the total dive time of 70 minutes, and that's on 27% bottom gas and 50% deco gas.


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