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We've done a number of dives on the Kelloe, some with less than favourable results but this dive was not going to be one of them.  We anchored easily and were soon joined by 3 other boats from the St George Scuba club.  Once all set up down we went.  At the bottom, a bit under 50m deep our anchor was just aft of the boiler, a perfect location.  Viz was fantastic and this would have to be the best dive on the Kelloe that we have done.  We headed past the boiler and over to the anchor - a must for any dive on the Kelloe then over to the starboard side of the wreckage to some winches and other items.  Having inspected these we swam back to the front of the boiler where I took a pic of Wayne in front of it. It is a very large boiler.  As usual, not  a lot of fish life on the Kelloe.  Back past the boiler we headed and to the anchor to set up for our ascent. 

There was a bit of wind up top so we were careful with the lift bag.  It was sitting nicely with the chain just off the bottom when we headed up. Keeping an eye on the lift bag I noticed that it was starting to ascend, rather more quickly than I would have liked.  A quick decision between swimming free to the lift bag to release air from it and hanging on for dear life saw me dumping all my air to put some weight onto the anchor rope.  Wayne was ahead of me and was close to the cross over line. He quickly unhooked it and passed it down to me and all was OK. 

So overall we have broken our voodoo on the Kelloe.



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