SS Kelloe 23-06-07
SS Kelloe 23-06-07
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SS Kelloe 25-08-07
SS Kelloe 01-09-07
SS Kelloe 29-12-07
SS Kelloe 20-09-08
SS Kelloe 29-09-08
SS Kelloe 19-12-09
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SS Kelloe 09-04-11
SS Kelloe 03-09-11
SS Kelloe 27-04-13


The Kelloe is another collier that found it's fate off the coast of Sydney.  Michael McFadyen describes it well on his site. 

We had hoped for a good dive on this wreck.  It's a bit deeper than the Tug and Undola that we have been diving.  We headed out of Botany Bay and found the seas reasonable comfortable at the Kelloe site.  The wind was up a bit and making the surface a bit choppy but the seas while on the bigger side were long and far apart.  We got the anchor to bite and after setting up the deco station and cross over in we went.  The first thing we noticed is that the viz was low.  that didn't worry us as that's often the case near the surface with good clear water below.  We kept going down and at 40m still had no visibility.  Knowing that the bottom was not far away I further inflated my BCD to slow my descent.  A few meters later and I bumped into the sandy bottom with my knees.  Turning my torch on I moved along the anchor chain to the the anchor.  The viz was near zero but I think we were hooked into a piece of the wreck.  We tried to walk the anchor forward but only found reef.  After a few minutes we aborted and headed back up again. At least we only had a 4 minute safety stop.

During our surface interval in Long Bay we came across Rob (marine biologist) who has kayaked out to our boat with is colleague.  He asked what we were diving on.  We told him.  He had enjoyed a pod of bottle nose dolphins swimming with them.

Sorry, but no pics this time.


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