SS Kelloe 29-09-08
  Having failed to find the forecastle of Kelloe last week we have another go.  We departed this week from Foreshore drive and having to navigate the new channel we had a long trip out of Botany Bay.  We anchored at the Kelloe, took the reel, determined to use it this time.  At the bottom we found the anchor about 20m NE of the boiler.  But when we went to unreel the reel, the line jammed and we wasted precious minutes trying to untangle it.  Giving up on that we tied together a few different ropes that we carry (about 4m in all).  We attached this to the anchor and with me at the extreme end of it and Wayne remaining in sight of me, we did a sweep around the area.  At the extreme Wayne could just see the boiler to the SW but nothing in NE direction where we were told the forecastle is. 

So again it has escaped us.  There's always a next time.

SS Kelloe 23-06-07
SS Kelloe 18-08-07
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