SS Kelloe 17-07-10
Another try at the Kelloe on July 17, 2010 and it is a find sunny day but the seas are sloppy due to the wind more than anything else.  The anchor caught and our GPS told us the boat was 20-30m from our marks,  Given the depth and the amount of anchor rope out this should put the anchor right on the wreck.  Down we went with twins and stages for a planned 22 minute bottom time.  When we got close to the bottom we could see there was no wreck, just the rocky bottom.  Securing the anchor we took a line out about 30m and started a sweep.  The viz was very good, at least 15 metres.  Eventually we found the wreck but had spent precious minutes getting to it and at 49+m time runs out real fast.  Our anchor was to the west of the wreck.

We took some pics of the boiler and other parts from a distance and headed back to the anchor.  Given the length of time we had taken to find the wreck and then get back to the anchor we ended up with a 26 minute bottom time made up of 5 minutes descent and 21 minutes on the bottom.  A very long decompression on 50% made for 71 minutes in total for this dive (and I did not manage to hit the 50m, only 49.6m).

SS Kelloe 23-06-07
SS Kelloe 18-08-07
SS Kelloe 25-08-07
SS Kelloe 01-09-07
SS Kelloe 29-12-07
SS Kelloe 20-09-08
SS Kelloe 29-09-08
SS Kelloe 19-12-09
SS Kelloe 17-07-10
SS Kelloe 09-04-11
SS Kelloe 03-09-11
SS Kelloe 27-04-13




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