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The Birchie is a deeper wreck off Barrenjoey head.  We access it from the Brooklyn boat ramp.  It is a long run out of the Hawkesbury and into Broken Bay, heading right past the Valiant and out.  The wreck is in 50 on the sand.  It is badly twisted with the propellor and boiler facing one way and then the body of the ship twisted to the left.  The propellor is as good as the Tug's.  Clear of the sand it is imposing.  Around to the right you can swim through and around the boiler which is quite large.  The mast lies proud of the sand out from the wreck.  The hull is vast and sweeps away from the boiler.  There is nice swim through at the far end of the hull.  Often frequented by wobbies and cuttles there is not huge schools of fish like you find on the Tug.

At 50m you don't get much time on the wreck but it is well worth the visit. Definitely for experienced deep divers.

The GPS co-ordinates for this wreck are 33 38.303 S   151 22.701 E.  Guaranteed - our anchor landed right on the wreck behind the mast.


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