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 Perfect conditions to head out of Brooklyn out to the Birchie.  Seas are flat and as we get there the water is that deep blue that promises great viz.  As we were anchoring another boat came over.  That's when we saw the mooring floating just under the boat.  So we hooked up to the mooring and the other boat hung off the back of us.  When we got to the bottom we freed the anchor and sent it back to the surface on the lift bag.  We could see that the mooring was a steel cable, connected to the mast, supported by 3 drums just below the surface.  The viz was great, the prop looked fantastic as we swam past it.  We headed between the boiler and the wreck, then up and over towards the bow.  We then saw the other divers, one in very bring pink gear.  We found great cuttles and a wobbie resting in the forward part of the wreck.  At 50m our time comes up quick so back up we go to the boat.  A surprise at the deco, swimming around the 2 drums were quite a few fish. 

After the dive we were talking to one of the divers on the other boat.  He was the one who was garbed in pink.  I reckon he would have been well into his 60's and still diving to these depths. Just hope I am able to still dive that well when I get to his age.






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