Birchgrove Park 12-12-09
Birchgrove Park 12-12-09
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We had dived the Birchgrove Park once before and today was our second time.  Nailed it with the anchor - it landed right on the front of the wreck.  Viz was great and the water didn't feel cold, even though I recorded 16oC.  We headed back from the anchor to the very large boiler and then over it and to the back where the prop sits proud of the sand with the rudder hard over.  She lies on her port side.  Going forward over the top of the wreck we pass the mast and what looks like the remains of the funnel.  Further on, the wreck is twisted over with large sheets facing off at a 90o angle from the main wreck.  At the extent of this section is capstan sitting above the sand and more wreckage further out. This wreck is much larger than the Tug or Undola.  We pass our anchor at the front, heading back to the boiler.  Unlike the Tug and Undola there is not large schools of fish on this wreck.  Maybe there is a reef near by where the fish are.  We would have like to explore a bit deeper into the wreck but time and gasses did not permit. 

A lovely dive for those technically competent.  I used 120bar on my twin 12L tanks, plus 130bar on my stage for a 22 minute bottom time at 48.5m.  Even on 27% Nitrox in the twins, the decompression stops added up to 41 mins including ascent.

I had forgotten by twin wing so was using the single wing on twins.  Buoyancy was not a problem but stability was, I seemed to rock from side to side, especially during the deco stops.  Won't forget it again though. 




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