Centurion 13-02-10


 February 13 2010 is the first decent diving day in some weeks and we are at Chowder Bay to complete our Decompression Procedures and Advanced Nitrox courses.  This was a deep dive to 47m on the wreck of the Myola.  It was a good dive - we did some exercises and a very long deco which resulted in me being short of deco gas in my 5L stage and buddy breathing with one of the other students (he had a 10L stage), then with the instructor. 

Course over, we headed back out to the Royal Shepherd to complete a double wreck dive day.  The Centurion is barely wreckage between North Head and Middle Harbour in 18m.  On the way down the water was putrid and we had taken our reels expecting a muck dive.  At about 12m the visibility opened up to a really clear 20+m.  There is some good fish life here.  A cuttle greeted us near the plaque, we had a lovely close encounter with a school of old wives.  An octopus hid under a rock and to our surprise a red indian fish.  A lovely dive in the Harbour.