SS Undola Wreck
SS Undola 21-04-07
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Seal swim - 11-04-09
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SS Undola 13-11-10
SS Undola 12-03-11
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SS Undola 15-03-14


The Undola is another Collier which went down mysteriously in heavy seas on it's way from Wollongong to Sydney.  It went down in 1918 with all hands lost.  It is not far from the Tuggerah and is a good option if the currents at the Tug make it un divable.  The Undola is not as impacted by currents.  It is located a bit over 2kms off Garie beach so is a much longer run from Port Hacking.

Like the Tug it is full of fish life of all types.  Nannygai and leatherjacket abound with lots of smaller fish and the occasional wobbiegong.  It is also shallower than the Tug at 44.5m on the sand, where the Tug is around 48m.  The toilet which stands proud on the port forward of mid ships is a highlight of this wreck.

Michael McFadyen covers the wreck well on his website.  Tom Byron also has a good description of it in his book "Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing guide to SOUTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES", pp98

 The wreck now is in much poorer condition than the drawing below.  Both bow and stern have collapsed and the winches and engine in the stern have collapsed down.  The boiler is still in good condition and in place. 

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