SS Undola 12-04-08
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Seal swim - 11-04-09
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SS Undola 15-03-14


After the tug we knew we had a 2 hour surface interval.  We arrived at the Undola and tied up to another boat that was already there.  We figured we would look for our mooring that was still there but below the surface.  When we put up a mooring we put on 2 floats.  One at the surface and one about 5m down.  That was, if the top float disappear, the one at 5m will hold the the rest up and we only need to find it and attach anew top buoy to it.  Wayne went out on scuba and swam around at 5m where we expected it to be but could not find it.  By that time the boat we were tied to had cast off their anchor and we were drifting. We unhooked and moved to the wreck site and there was our mooring about 1.5m down.  I duck dived down and attached a small rope and a 2L drink bottle to it.  Once this was secure we put a thicker rope on it. 

After the obligatory 2 hours we headed down and it was as good as the Tug.  Blue water and crystal clear, 20+m viz.  We found the same nudi that was there the last 2 times in the same place.  Fish everywhere which is waht we have come to expect on the Undola.  Again we spent 17m on the wreck and had a more lengthy 26 mins deco, all on 30% Nitrox.


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