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SS Undola 15-03-14



We hadn't been to the Undola since April 2010 so with calm seas and virtually no wind we headed down.  I had my dry suit back after having the zip fly re glued in and I'm pleased to say that I did stay dry and warm.  We snared the wreck first time and over the side we went with 27% in our twins and 50% in our stages.  The anchor was sitting  forward starboard - perfect. The visibility stunning - 25m I reckon. After securing the anchor we headed around the bow and past the toilet on the port side.  It is nice and clean.  Heading down along the port side we pass the boiler and then to the stern where the rudder is exposed and one part blade of the prop is visible out of the sand.  Back along the starboard side, another look at the boiler and then it's time to head up.  25 minutes is just not enough when the wreck is this good.

Another lovely dive.  It really is worth the long run down the coast to visit the Undola.


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