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Seas were calm and it looked good when we headed out from Wally's wharf.  But part way down to the Undola the wind whipped up and it got quite sloppy.  But after several goes we got the anchor to bite.  We put down the deco and pull lines in case the current was strong.  While trying to set the anchor we were shadowed by up to 3 dolphins.  The must have followed us down a bit as I saw them when we were at 20m.  There was a lot of organic matter in the water and it looked really gloomy.  At the wreck the viz was about 15m but it was gloomy.  The anchor was hooked on netting under the tiller so were were OK. We headed over the boiler to the toilet. At the toilet a young Wobbie rested.  We must have startled it as it took off quickly, banged straight into a metal part of the wreck, then turned and stopped under the wreck.  Heading back towards the boiler I lost sight of much of the wreck and knew that the depth and gloom were making me narced.  I signalled to Wayne and he directed us back to the tiller.  Not one of the best dives on the Undola but still plenty of life with the usual Nanniegai, wobbies and moray eels.


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