SS Undola 30-07-11
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Seal swim - 11-04-09
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SS Undola 12-03-11
SS Undola 30-07-11
SS Undola 17-06-12
SS Undola 13-07-13
SS Undola 15-03-14


 Our third dive was to be on the Tug.  This was to be Wayne's 700th and the Tug would be a wonderful place to do it.  However, once we had anchored, the current was too strong so we had to haul the anchor up and headed down to the Undola. At the Undola there was also current but not as bad as it was at the Tug.  Using ropes to the bow to help get forward against the current we managed to get to a descent position.  It was hand over hand pulling down to get to the bottom. This depth normally take me under 3 minutes to get down but with the current it took 5 minutes.  As we neared the wreck there was no current at all and we were perfectly anchored. 

I took some photos of Wayne with the 700th dive sign then we swan over the toilet.  A moray peered up from beside the toilet and I got a pic of him.  The boot was beside the toilet.  Around towards the bow and I swim over a hatchway that goes down into the wreck.  The hatch is just behind the forward which on the port side.  Full of sand but I could see some pipes and not much more. To the stern and the prop is more exposed but I could not get a good pic.  Back towards the anchor and I found a ball that is does not appear to be foam like you find from netting but too light to be metal.  I picked it up easily and threw it into the sand in the middle of the wreck.  Too soon our 25 mins was up and we set about the task of ascending.  Given the current Wayne carefully controlled the lift bag, not wanting it to be dragged up.  That would have dragged us up as well with scary consequences.  We managed it OK and we had a brezzy deco stop.





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