SS Undola 17-11-07
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Seal swim - 11-04-09
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SS Undola 13-07-13
SS Undola 15-03-14


Seas were flat and the weather fine.  We always like to do the Undola when conditions allow.  We headed down the coast, dropped the anchor at the side of the wreck beside the toilet.  We had been told that Damo had hooked up to our mooring a few weeks ago and sent divers down.  They found a long piece of pipe that our mooring had been tied to.  This was 180m from the wreck site.  It pays to check the GPS.  We looked for the old mooring but could not find it.  It had broken away from the wreck and drifted away.  Viz was pretty poor on the way down but once we got to about 38m it opened up to reveal the wreck in all it's glory.  Thousands of nannygai surrounded it.  There was an abundance of moray eels.  I counted 6 of them.  At the front starboard side was an octopus in the sand with a rock to cover it's whereabouts.  The toilet was surrounded by fish.  I had to shoo them away to get a decent pic of it.  On 30% Nitrox and a max depth of 43m I was able to get 20 mins on the bottom and a deco at 5m of 18 mins.  I always ascend very slowly from these depths, often stopping at regular intervals.

A great dive for dive 362 and 73 for 2007.


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