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The Undola was great the previous week and with low seas predicted we thought we'd take advantage and visit the Undola again.  We had put a mooring on it last year but that broke off some time ago.  We had found a mooring drifting off Bare Island and had recovered it with the view to putting it on the Undola.  And today was the day.  The seas were near mirror finish and it did not take long to get down and anchored over the wreck.  On the way we crossed paths with a school of dolphins.  And as we anchored we saw a fin in the water.  It quickly became evident that it was a dolphin fin.  Sadly, it did not hang around. 

We prepared the mooring and dropped the wire and chain down, using a loop rope around the anchor line to make sure it did not drift off on us.  At the bottom the viz was fantastic.  Our anchor was on the starboard side and the mooring hanging down on the port side near the toilet.  It did not take us long to secure the mooring to 2 beams amidships and then we were free to enjoy.  The wreck is just covered in fish and the viz was a good 25m.  We spent 20mins on the wreck and even on 30% Nitrox had a lengthy deco stop.  For details of the mooring see the Undola header page.

Interestingly the water temperature at the bottom was a cool 15oC.


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