SS Undola 08-03-08
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Seal swim - 11-04-09
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SS Undola 13-07-13
SS Undola 15-03-14


After diving the Tug we thought it could not get better.  but it did.  This was Wayne's 400th dive. We anchored on the Undola and over we went.  Again the water as blue and clear.  The anchor was 10m from the wreck so we dragged it across and secured it near the toilet.  Where the Tug had clear water but with some particles in it, the water at the Undola was crystal clear.  We checked out the toilet and a nudie that we had not seen before.  There were moray eels everywhere and serpent eels, including one in a pipe.  We could see the whole wreck easily and as always the fish life was prolific.  What a wonderful dive for Wayne's 400th.  On the way back up we saw the boat at 22m.  This dive on 31% Nitrox was also 16 mins on the wreck but a stiffer 27mins deco.


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