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A fine sunny day on Saturday 12 January 2008.  Our plan was to head out of Dolan's Bay to the Tuggerah.  Parking was at a premium so we parked at Shiprock.  We met members of the South Pacific Diving Club at(SPDC)  the jetty.  They were going to the Undola.  As we approached the Tug site we saw Sea Tamer.  It was anchored on the wreck.  We could see the current running around their boat.  We decided to try the Undola in the hope that  the current would be less.  We found the 2 boats from the SPDC there trying to hook up,  There were clearly having trouble.  We nailed it on the second attempt and shortly after their bigger boat hooked up nearby.  Their second boat tied off to us.  We geared up and headed down for our 18 minutes on the wreck.  Viz at the bottom was superb, fish life was prolific and there were morays everywhere including 2 around the top of the boiler.  We saw at least 6 large shells around the wreck.  There was more nannygai on this day than I've seen previously on the Undola.  As we started to head up we saw the divers from SPDC coming down.  At our deco bar, the female member of the dive club was doing her deco stop. she didn't look comfortable with her back up tank slung on the bottom of her BCD, hanging nearly to her knees.  The boat tied off to ours headed off while we were doing our deco stop.  The driver of that boat, that we'd seen with his rebreather before our dive, appeared not to have dived, maybe had equipment trouble.


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