SS Undola 27-12-08
SS Undola 21-04-07
SS Undola 05-05-07
SS Undola 02-06-07
SS Undola 28-07-07
SS Undola 17-11-07
SS Undola 12-01-08
SS Undola 08-03-08
SS Undola 16-03-08
SS Undola 05-04-08
SS Undola 12-04-08
SS Undola 09-08-08
SS Undola 14-09-08
SS Undola 27-12-08
SS Undola 07-02-09
Seal swim - 11-04-09
SS Undola 22-08-09
SS Undola 05-12-09
SS Undola 17-04-10
SS Undola 10-07-10
SS Undola 13-11-10
SS Undola 12-03-11
SS Undola 30-07-11
SS Undola 17-06-12
SS Undola 13-07-13
SS Undola 15-03-14


It was a calm but eerily foggy morning that we headed out from Wally's wharf to dive the Undola.  With new radios and GPS and bottom finder we had lots of new toys to work out.  At the wreck site we dropped anchor and it landed 30m from our mark.  But in the right direction, the anchor was sitting beside the forward winch and just above a very large wobbie.  The wobbie rested there for a few mins while we took pics then stirred and swam aound the front of the wreck and disappeared under the port side.  The viz was fantastic, clearest we've had it in a long time.  But very cold, 16C and me with no undergarment or hood.  It didn't feel cold though.  We swam towards the back of the wreck, enjoying rare views of the whole length of the wreck.  It was a lovely dive and ended much too soon-  We found that getting back into the boat was easy with out dive gear on your back but with takes some serious squats strength in the legs to push up from the bottom of the ladder.  We will need to extend the ladder a bit to make it easy to get back in with gear on.


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