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SS Undola 15-03-14


 We haven't dived the Undola for quite a while and conditions were OK for the long trip out. So we headed down, noticing Le Scat (Michael McFadyen's boat) heading towards the Tug.  Once at the Undola site we it took us 2 attempts to hook up.  The second time we were well and truly hooked in to the wreck.  We found surface current there, unusual for the Undola and put out pull ropes from the bow down both sides of the boat, as well as our usual deco bar and cross over rope.

At the bottom the anchor was hooked in the starboard bow of the wreck but did not look secure enough to us.  We moved it to a strong horizontal beam and tied it to be sure.  The water was a cold 14oC and I had left my hood behind. But the viz was great.  On the bottom behind the toilet I found the ceramic boot that had been on the wreck and disappeared some time back.  I placed it beside the toilet so I hope that it stays there.

We saw lots of morays on the wreck, including one in a boiler tube.  Coming back up I spent a long and cold series of deco stops.  I was so glad that the weather upstairs was fine and hot.



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