SS Undola 05-04-08
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Seal swim - 11-04-09
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SS Undola 15-03-14


 The conditions were perfect for a long trip down to the Undola.  Seas were flat, with no wind.  We had 2 passengers today.  My son Jeff and his girlfriend Amy.  Jeff had been keen to see what we did when we went out diving.  And with no cloud, no wind and seas < 1m it was a good day to be in the boat. 

Upon arrival at the Undola we were disappointed to see that our mooring, put there 2 weeks ago was gone.  No matter, it not cost us anything and we will soon put a drum there.  Most of the mooring is still in place as we put a drum full of air at 5m to support the chain and cable.  Our last mooring survived well and would have still been there except that it broke free from the wreck and floated away, with a piece of the wreck still attached.

Once the anchor was set we went down.  Viz to 20m was clear, but from there to 35m it was quite poor.  At the wreck the viz was excellent, if not gloomy caused by the unclear water above.  Morays were very plentiful and one "attacked" Wayne's camera (see pics).  Nannygai aplenty and the large nudie that we saw 2 weeks ago was still in the same place.  A lovely dive that sadly ends to soon 18 mins on the bottom.  My computer measured min 17oC, but it felt warmer.  A long deco of 19 mins at 5m is part of the deal.  We dived on 30% Nitrox.


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