SS Tuggerah Wreck
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The wreck of the Tuggerah is a fantastic dive, located off the Royal National Park.  It is deep at around 46m, a bit more on the sand.  You don't get much bottom time at this depth.  We use 27% Nitrox which will give us up to 22 mins on the wreck and with accelerated decompression on 50% Nitrox we can be back on the surface in around 65 minutes.

Michael McFadyen covers the wreck well on his website.  Tom Byron also has a good description of it in his book "Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Spearfishing guide to SOUTHERN NEW SOUTH WALES", pp98.

As at 2010 the wreck stills looks much like the drawing below, with some of the stern plates having collapsed.  With big seas sand is moved around the wreck and new parts are uncovered making it worth coming back again and again.  The wreck site is affected by current and we have had dives where the current extends right to the bottom.


Drawing courtesy Tom Byron

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