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We hadn't done a deep dive since September 2013.  So on March 8 conditions were favourable - seas flat, wind calm, overcast but not too bad at all.  We had Heinz boat sitting for us.  He helped us gear up and we were quickly over the side.

Viz looked great and it was really clear right down to the bottom.  When we got there we were on sand, no wreck in sight.  Wayne thought that he could see it to the East so headed off that way.  I  hooked the reel onto the anchor rope and followed.  About 25m out we could see nothing so went north a bit and then west.  Coming back was into a slight current and I found it quite hard work swimming into it.

Not far west we found the wreck.  Our anchor was just behind  and to the east of the prop and just out of sight from it.

I hooked the line over the rudder and then got some pics of the prop and rudder and then forward to the boiler.  A nice moray was a long way out of his hole and on the bottom a cuttle hid.

Due to the overcast it was gloomy but it was great to be able to visit the Tug again.


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